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Dealers - Need more cars? Sign Up as a Buyer Today! One of our representatives will contact you about our program.


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Welcome to Cash For Cars - For Buyers and Sellers, get paid cash for your truck car or suv immediately!



What is Cash for Cars App All about? 


Cash for Cars is designed for individuals who need to sell their car for cash and get paid the best possible price!  


All of our participating buyers have a local dealership or store front location near you! You will ONLY be contacted if one of our registered buyers wants to inquire about your car - ONLY!  


If you don't want to buy a new car, don't feel pressured. You can simply just sell your car, you will NOT be pressured to buy!


 When our Dealers sign-up they GUARANTEE Top-Dollar paid for your trade-in, if that's what you want to do.


Sellers - YOU DO NOT have to trade-in your car. You can simply just sell it outright for CASH that same day!






Take good quality pictures if you want the buyers to take a serious interest in buying your car. Think about what you would want to see if you were a buyer.


Be honest and describe any defects or damage and take pictures of the damage.


Price your car fairly, don't be unrealistic with your asking price. Remember if you want to sell it today, be flexible and fair. Don't expect to sell it if you are asking the same price you were 6 months ago. The car hasn't sold for a reason and usually it's because you are asking too much.

Don't accept the first price they offer if you feel it is way too low. Simply try to ask them to be fair with you.